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I'm a London-based front-end web developer with five years of experience. I design and build responsive, high-performance websites, data-visualisations, interactives and web-apps.

My core toolset includes HTML, Sass, JavaScript, Yeoman, Grunt, Git, WordPress and Photoshop.

I can write solid and well-organized code from scratch, and I have a passion for exploring new and emerging web technologies. I ensure that my projects are optimised, responsive, cross-browser compatible and accessible for users and search engines.

Originally from New Zealand, I'm currently living in London and happily employed at Distilled. When I'm not designing the web I can be found skiing, unicycling, and occasionally attempting to juggle.

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Articles & things

  • ISS Screensaver
  • Dogenerator
  • If Daily Mail readers wrote the headlines
  • xkcd’s ‘Time’ – Animated Time-lapse
  • Top 7 Most Mind-Blowing Creatures of the Deep
  • Operation Heart of Darkness

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Client work


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