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Hi, I'm Richard. I make websites.

My primary expertise is in web design, front-end development, web standards, usability, SEO and content editing, and my preferred tools are Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and WordPress.

I firmly believe that if something's worth doing then it's worth doing right. Each of my websites is finely crafted to ensure they are of the utmost quality. Before a single pixel is published, it must pass an exacting series of tests. First, I polish every design in Photoshop until it shines with an unholy burning light. Then I hand-code the site using only the finest HTML ingredients, sprinkling it with a garnish of cutting-edge CSS and jQuery. Finally, each pixel must undergo a gruelling fitness regimen to shave off those unwanted bytes, saving precious seconds of download time. Only then is the site ready to be served piping hot to your browser.

Originally from earthquake-stricken Christchurch in New Zealand, I'm currently living in London. When I'm not being a web geek I can be found skiing, unicycling, and occasionally attempting to juggle.

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